Dove Hunts

We normally have a good supply of doves.  The local doves both white wing and mourning doves are plentiful. We also get our share of migrating doves. We have lots of water and our food plots are a great attraction for the birds  Our ranch is located in the South Zone.   Make your reservations now.

Come join us for a day hunt or a weekend hunt. We have lots of different hunting spots to choose from. Pick out a shade tree in the middle of a food plot, or set your stool on the side of one of our many ponds. We want you to have a good time and enjoy your hunt.  

We cater to individuals, families and corporate groups .

All of our hunters get cold water and soft drinks delivered in the field and we provide a screened bird-cleaning shed where you can clean your birds. We can arrange for shooting clay birds, bird cleaning, and meals. Overnight accommodations are available in our lodge.

South Zone: Expected to open on Sept 23, 2011

Daily bag limit: 12 mourning, white-winged, and white-tipped (white-fronted) doves in the aggregate to include not more than 2 white-tipped.

Possession Limit: Twice the daily bag limit.

License:  You will need a valid Texas hunting license and the white-wing stamp.

Price List
for 2011
Opening Weekend $90 per hunter/day
Other times $80 per hunter/day
Special Group Rate Call for details
 Overnight Accommodations  $50/hunter/night
 Meals (by special arrangement)  Breakfast $10,  Lunch $20, Dinner $30

Day Hunt Dove Package Descriptions
  1. Single or Multiple Day Hunt We meet you at the gate of the property and will have you settled in the field by sunrise. Water and soft drink break at mid-morning and box-lunch at noon.
    A skeet shoot can be arranged after lunch. The final hunt of the day is in the late afternoon with another water and soft drink break.

  2. Lodge Accommodations Available for individuals or groups. Contact us for details on accommodations.
Dove Identification

It is important that you know your doves. The white-wing dove has a distinctive white patch on the wing and is generally larger than the mourning dove. When you are looking up at the sky and they are flying fast you need an experienced eye to tell them apart.

One effective way to tell them apart when they are flying is to focus on the tail. The mourning dove has a very pointed tail while the white-wing has a flat tail.

The white fronted dove or white tip wing dove looks just like a morning dove but has white tipped wings.

Morning Dove on the left and White-Wing Dove on the right.
2 Mourning Doves waiting to fly into the lake.

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