Fallow Deer

Exotic Game Hunts

We have non-native species living in a 100 ac. high-fenced area at our ranch. We have many types of wild sheep including: Aoudad, Barbados,  Black Hawaiian, and Texas Dall Sheep.  We also have Black Buck, Fallow Deer, and Axis Deer.     All of our exotic packages are single day hunts.  Overnight lodging can be provided.  

Price List
2011-2012 Exotic Animal Fees
Female Fallow or Female Black Buck Hunt or Female Axis $400
Blackbuck Hunt $1800-$2500
Axis Deer Hunt $1800-$3000
Fallow Deer Hunt $2000-$3500
Aoudad Sheep Hunt $2500-$3500
Barbados Black Hawaiian, Tx Dall Hunt $1500-$3000

For reservations call Beto Santos at (210) 844 -3637,
or send us an E-mail.

Herd of Axis Deer

Exotic Animal Package Descriptions
  1. Guided  Hunt: You get a 1 day guided hunt for the species you purchased.  No lodging.



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