Hog Hunts

We have Wild Hogs Hunts and we have Trophy Hogzilla Hunts.  The picture above is of a Trophy Hogzilla (300 lb+) Hog.

On our regular Wild Hog Hunts we hunt from stands but can also hunt at night from the truck.  Hogs roam the entire ranch but we also have special feeders where they frequent.  We will also put corn down on roads leading to the hunting stands.  Meat hunters are welcome to use our skinning shed to process the meat.  Trophy heads from Hogzillas can be boiled overnight to prepare the tusks for mounting.  We can also skin Hogzillas for shoulder mounts.

Hogzillas are in a special 10 acre pen.  You hunt from an elevated platform or from outside the pen. The boars have been castrated and tagged with a yellow ear tag.   These hogs are fed large amounts of corn and hog chow.  The results are pigs like the one above.... 300+ lbs. 

Price List
2011-2012 Hog and Javelina Fees
Trophy Hogzilla  hog  ~300+lbs $1000 trophy fee
3 day Hog hunt $800  includes up to 3 hogs
Weekend Hog hunt $700 Includes up to 3 hogs
 Additional Hog $200
Day Hog Hunt $250 includes 2 hogs
Lodge Accommodations $100 per person per night
$175 with meals

Hog Package Descriptions
  1. Trophy Hogzilla Fee: You can take 1 Hog from our special fenced area.  No lodging or meals included. Day hunt or as part of another hunt.

  2. 3 Day Hog Hunt: You can take up to 3 hogs during our semi guided hunts over 3 days. Lodging and meals included.

  3. Weekend Hunt: You can take 3 hogs during our semi guided hunts on Saturday and Sunday Morning. Lodging on Friday and Saturday and  3 meals on  Saturday and brunch on Sunday.

  4. Day Hunt: You can take 2 hogs.  No Lodging or meals.

  5. Lodge Accommodations: Weekend and 3 day hunts include meals and lodging.  Non hunting guests are welcome. The same lodge fee applies to both hunters and non hunters.

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