Las Lomas at Sunset

The Property
    The property is called Las Lomas Ranch. Las Lomas means "the hills" in Spanish. You would not expect to see big hills in this part of Texas but we have them and the views are spectacular.

    This secluded ranch has a wide variety of deer and turkey habitat. Las Lomas Ranch is hidden in the southeast corner of Frio County, Texas. The ranch bordered by some the largest ranches in the county. You need two keys to gain access the ranch: One key to get access to the all weather road leading to the ranch and one for the ranch itself. There is no through traffic on the ranch. This means our wildlife is undisturbed throughout the year and our guests are the only beneficiaries of the supplemental feeding and game management programs.

    The topography is diverse and includes wooded creek bottom, mesquite and pear flats, and rocky hills. The vegetation is classic south Texas brush country and includes live oak, elm, and hackberry along the San Miguel Creek on the south of the property and south Texas deer favorites like black brush, guajillo, four wing salt brush, southwest bernardia, Texas kidney wood and granjeno. The heavy brush is the favorite cover for large mature bucks and other game.

Wildlife Management
    Our wildlife management program produces quality game.  The Las Lomas Ranch deer herd relies on an abundance of natural high protein forbs and browse .  We also have food plots and supplement with protein and corn throughout the year.  We have planted native grasses and bundle flower throughout the ranch.  Turkey enjoy the special wildflowers that attract juicy bugs and various grains planted throughout the ranch. Water is abundant and dispersed throughout the ranch. Deer counts are taken each year and become the basis for the harvest quota that is set for each season. Only a limited number of mature bucks are taken each year and our gobblers are only hunted in the spring. Other animals also benefit from the deer and turkey management program. Other seasonal game that is also hunted include doves and quail. Feral hogs, bobcats and coyotes are hunted year round.

We also have two separate fenced areas.  In one area we have non-native species (exotics) and in another we have wild hogs.  Both areas have their own water source and have supplemental feeders year round.

The ranch is wildlife preserve for the Texas tortoise, the horned lizard, and the indigo snake.

Endangered Species

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